Don’t believe the hate: New Alex Jones on Joe Rogan is what the net was made for

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Like Joseph Heller said, ‘Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t after you.’

I have been listening to Joe Rogan’s recent follow-up interview with Alex Jones and Eddie Bravo, and it’s exactly what the internet was made for. Less than 30 hours old and the new Rogan is already boasting 3.6 million views. In fact, it would be listed as trending on YouTube, as many of Rogan’s videos frequently are, but it already seems that YouTube has gone out of the way to obscure the screaming popularity of the video—likely because YouTube and other social media platforms hate Alex Jones.

In the roaring 4 hours and 40 minutes, Rogan, Bravo, and Jones blast into an onslaught that includes and overview of the total web of global conspiracy, interdimensional aliens, psychedelic drugs, transhumanism, Jones’s recent expulsion from the major social media platforms, his new dislike for Trump, as well as Rogan and Jones’s bromance.

The show is a nonstop manic ride behind the curtain of popular history. The interview vacillates between genuinely horrifying campfire stories (some of which very well seem true—the importing of Nazis into America after World War II for example) and into long laughing jags over the bizarrerie that surrounds esoterica and conspiracies.

One of the most freaky parts of their deep dive into the underground is watching Jones provide back-up citation after back-up citation to nearly every too-evil-to-be-true claim that he drops throughout the interview.

This might not be for everyone — and regardless if you believe any of what you hear or not—for me, it is easily one of the most entertaining moments in media history that I have ever since watching Mark Zuckerberg testify before Congress about Facebook on Facebook Live. My advice: this should be among the last articles you read about this episode of The Joe Rogan Experience. Reading about this media power-bomb is not enough. Everything you read will be forever unable to get within a light-year’s striking distance to the absolutely transcendent wildness of this podcasts.

It’s good to see Jones and Rogan are friends again.

Highly recommend. It must be experienced.

Author of '3 Essays on Virtual Reality', global speaker, artist, humorist, futurist, netizen, critic & psychonaut

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