Everyone in the world should watch it: Edward Snowden on Joe Rogan.

It should be seen in every classroom. It should be screened before Congress. It should be translated into every available language. This is not hyperbole. I rarely praise things. But, in easily one of the greatest interviews of all time, Edward Snowden spoke with Joe Rogan about his life, his exile, his motivation, mass surveillance, his vital new book, and what it really means to own a smartphone.

Right now, the 3-hour long interview is the #2 Trending video on YouTube—sporting 5.8 millions views—and it is only two days old at the time of this writing. If you haven’t seen it yet, you absolutely must. Immediately. NOW!

Fuck off and watch it. NOW!

Snowden explains what it really means to be an information-sharer in the new digital landscape: it means you literally work pro bono (indeed, pay!) for not only just tech giants to abuse your personal data, but for the larger-overlord of government intelligence agencies to—and that is, whether you want to or not. There is absolutely no way around this reality. That is your true role as a smartphone-owner. Period.

The entire business of telecommunication is indeed a continuous act of “Bulk Data Collection,” a word Snowden says every person should know, because it is “the government’s euphemism for Mass Surveillance.” He then asks, “How do you know your phone’s actually turned off?”

This is an important question!

Right now, your smartphone is speaking to every app you’ve ever installed, Google, Amazon, Facebook, but to all the other weirdo small apps you’ve ever installed too, as well as to the telecomm giants, and the government itself that filters and records all this material, all this data—often even when the fucking smartphone looks like it’s inactive! “You have no idea what the hell it is doing at any given time…” Snowden explains. “Apple and iOs make it impossible to see.” Snowden explains that Apple and Google phones have no button to let you know when and to what network your phone is communicating with. You literally have no fucking idea who your phone is silently chatting with. You don’t! There is no button to see that. It’s a goddamn mystery. And they want it that way. From the GOV to the tech megaliths, they like it that way. According to Snowden, they have made it that way on purpose. There are absolutely no controls to simply unhook these connections. If you have a smartphone, you’re connected. And they know virtually everything about you.

In essence: There is no control.

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It should be said of Rogan that he has now entered the annals of history as one of the greatest interviewers of all time, with his Snowden piece.

It is among the finest and most relevant interviews ever recorded.

Snowden’s new book Permanent Record,“is on shelves everywhere unless the government finds some other way to ban.”

Consider dumping the phone, and realize the freedom our ancestors not only waxed poetic about, but fought, and died for.

You will be happier.

I am.

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