Finoa Silver and Guy Fiumarelli are the badasses to close 2020

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Fiona, Guy, and co. have once again cut a chunk out of the contemporary American Rock and Blues scene with weirdly seeming ease. The chemistry in Silver’s teams are always full-frontal fuck off good talents that seem to do nothing else but blast out jammers. The most recent song 2020 is naturally no exception.

Check it out.

If you’re into Rock and Blues and haven’t heard Silver’s addition to the genre yet please do. It’s honestly all good, so you can’t really do wrong.

This new one will live long after this year has finally perished and is buried in the ground forever. The lyric “Enjoy the riiiiiiide — 2020!” hit me like a prefect phrase to express sympathy over astronomical levels of chaos and bullshit for now on.

*Shrugs* “Hey. Enjoy the ride. 2020.” (What the hell else can ya say sometimes?)

Anyway… this new jammer toasting the craziness of the year is fatter than a mastodon.

I’d play it loud in my bar if I still worked there.

What can ya do?

Rock on.


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