JESUS IS KING is a ‘Fake Album’

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Kanye West’s new album JESUS IS KING is no YEEZUS. It isn’t even LIFE OF PABLO.

YEEZUS, I have listened to STRAIGHT THOUGH many, many times. That shit is PERFECT FIRE from beginning to end.

JESUS IS KING is more a collection of unfinished ideas than it is an album proper. It is a major shit-lag in the otherwise more-or-less flawless artistic career of West, with a few exceptions.

The only good song on the entire album is easily “SELAH.” Never ever in my life did I think that I would say that there is a West album with only one good song on it.

In terms of being a gospel album, there is more heart and honesty in the Reverend Julius Cheeks (who blew his lungs out from a lifetime of singing gospel music) than anything on JESUS IS KING.

JESUS IS KING is not an album. It is a mass of 2-to-3 minute-long anemic attempts at songs, that is very much not representative of the rest of West’s eight other albums good albums.

Basically, skip it and pretend it didn’t happen, because JESUS IS KING, in fact, didn’t happen at all.

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