Simulated Universes, Psychedelics, Futurism, and Evolution | VRTO2018

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In this exceptional panel from the 2018 VRTO Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality World Conference & Expo, moderator and host of Voices of VR podcast Kent Bye, guides an panelists through an exploration of different esoteric elucidations of Virtual Reality and the extent that VR can blaze new neural pathways into the brain.

The panel features Brett Leonard — director of seminal works Lawnmower Man and Virtuosity, Audri Phillips (content creator/3D Animator/director), Tina Madry (psychedelics researcher), Scott Mason (Psychedelic Research at York University), Jeffrey Lynn Damon (psychonaut and VR developer), and Eliott Edge (author, artist, critic-journalist, and international speaker.)

The talk explored what insights VR could provide into the nature of consciousness and our understanding the nature of reality. What can these underlying patterns of altered states of consciousness show us best practices for experiential design? Are there latent human potential waiting to be unlocked? What insights does ritual, set, & setting tell us about the process of cultivating transformational experiences?

Author of '3 Essays on Virtual Reality', global speaker, artist, humorist, futurist, netizen, critic & psychonaut

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